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Our Argot mission

The Internet has long been hailed as a space where marginalized communities could find one another, develop platforms for themselves, and spark change. And yet, most magazine-format websites still center on those with relative privilege: outside of mainstream news and magazine publishing, corporate and indie sites alike tend to focus on (white, straight) women or (white, straight) men. The content out there for those of the feminine narrative and women at the margins - queer women of color, poor trans women, non-binary folks of all stripes - is even more limited. Some sites that represent folks within our mission are heavily focused on pop culture and current events. Some are not inclusive spaces where cis and trans queer women all feel safe or where the interests of women of color or poor women go unnoticed.

Argot is a nascent online publication dedicated to creative writing, smart analysis, and art across mediums. We aspire to be a safe space that centers the feminine narrative - especially the experiences of those at the margins - and to foster community through storytelling and discussion of current events. Utilizing a mix of art, creative writing, and cultural and political reporting, we hope to become a strong platform for intellectual and creative stimulation. All of our contributors are paid, and our online content is free. 

In the simplest of terms this is an online magazine geared towards feminine LGBTQIA+ folks, we would like to create a safe, intersectional, and supportive space. We want to provide an avenue for up and coming writers and artists to be published and have a voice, especially given the current political climate. 

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