Comments Policy


In order to maintain a safe space for our community members and our contributors, Argot’s comments are moderated before posting and Argot staff retain the right to delete or edit comments as necessary and as desired.

Although we strive to promote discussion around tough topics and foster enlightening conversations, we also must draw lines in order to protect our contributors - and ourselves - from undue stress, microaggressions, and general ridiculousness.

These are our guiding rules.

  • Assume Good Intent: We believe in calling in, not calling out. Comments which question the character or intentions of our contributors will be moderated or removed. At our core is a desire to let those at the margins tell their stories. Not all of those stories will sound like your own, and that’s okay! Do not assume that a difference in lived experience is tantamount to a full-scale assault on your own. Similarly, please trust that all those who contribute to Argot - and the folks who edit and vet their work - come to this space with good intentions, and recognize that those intentions matter.
  • Absolutely No Oppressive Nonsense: All comments reinforcing established societal systems of power imbalance will be removed. There is no room here for racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, classism, or ableism. There is no room here for stereotypes, damaging myths and blanket generalizations, or otherwise oppressive nonsense.
  • No Oppression Olympics: All comments attempting to trump one experience at the margins or intersections with another will be removed. Our liberation is connected, and so are our struggles. Stop trying to one-up each other. Stop trying to outweigh someone else’s experience.
  • No Spam or Solicitation: Sorry, folks! If you want your business on the site, email us like everyone else.
  • Please Direct Thoughts About the Site to the Right Folks: Do not leave comments on articles related to site functionality, our site mission, etc. If you take issue with or are having trouble with something to do with our site overall, contact us below.