Are you making your own hardscrabble slog through this absurd world?

We want to know about it.

We’re interested in writing and visual art that spans the worlds of queer culture, the feminine narrative, marginalized communities, and politics and culture.

Are you an engineer struggling to succeed in a sexist environment? A non-binary cosplayer who’s found your perfect nerd community? A teacher with lupus who constantly questions how much to divulge about your disability? We’re interested in the margins, in questions of alienation and community building, but it doesn’t stop there. Tell us about your activism, your healing moments, your isolation and danger.

Is there something happening in your community that the world needs to know about? Are you on the frontlines of something weird, unique, and/or really important? Whether you’re a university student researching assault on campuses, an activist investigating the effects of fracking in local communities, or a writer researching the history of trans representation in science fiction, we want to hear from you.

Chances are, you have opinions and varied perspectives about what’s going on in the news and in your community we’re interested in being a platform for stories on what’s going on in pop culture and politics - with a unique sociological perspective.

And please, send us your short stories, poetry, satire, comics, illustrations, and photo essays. Fiction, nonfiction, that poem you wrote for the woman you could hardly see there were so many stars in your eyes, but you still never sent it? Fill our inboxes with them. Classic, satirical, single panel illustrations, photography based travelogues of queers with disabilities - we want it all.

This is a queer-focused website, and we have a strong preference for work created by queer writers and artists.

Our Rates

We compensate all of our contributors on a scale, with shorter poems and single panel comics starting at $35 and long form investigative pieces (4000> words) peaking at $250. 

You can also send pitches or submissions to


Check out our frequently asked questions as well for more information on the submission process!