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Unrelatable Content

[Image description: black and white photograph of a row of vanity bulbs. There is a very faint image of a face looking straight at the camera layered over the shot, like a weak double exposure.]

It is a performance not only of the humor in mundanity, but also of our pain. Sharing pain in a way that is both honest enough to feel cathartic while still digestible to your smaller viewership. Real enough.

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Conditional Love

[Image description: photograph of a patch of dried grass on fire. The bottom of the image shows untouched dried grass, the center is aflame, and the burnt grass at the top of the image is partially obscured by pale smoke.]

Another year of abuse of power and atrocities - of the value of marginalized people shown to be disposable. Of agendas made of lies told by a tiny group of men deciding the outcome high above our heads.

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A Survivor’s Guide To Surviving Surviving

[Image description: photograph of a bright red flower blooming on a charred tree.]

I forced myself to admit that, while things were irreparable, I was still holding on. That I was staying even though I should leave, because I believed her when she said no one else would love me.

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My International Identity: French School In Tunisia

[Image description: close photograph of sequins inside a kaleidoscope; overlapping circles of blurry, brightly-coloured light.]

I devoured Arabic books, one after another, with a certain pride and a sense a victory. For me, reading Arabic books was another way of saying, “nah, you’re not going to kill my identity and force me to adopt your stupid European one!”

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The Art Of Being A Unicorn

[Image Description: A Lego figure in a molded unicorn onesie stands solitary against a white background, shadows falling to the left.]

In snapshots rich with details, Jenna Swisher chronicles the daily microaggressions and misunderstanding of bisexuality, inhabiting the liminal space of sexuality that most don’t think exists. The Art of Being a Unicorn leaves you with more questions than answers, and hungry for what could have been, in the best way possible.

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Property Law and the Body of the Beautiful Daughter

My father had a daughter once, and now he does not anymore. I killed her first when I began to grow, and was no longer the child he could carry on his shoulders, and I killed her again when I began to think, and was no longer the child he could overrule, and most recently I killed her when I told my father that he had never had a daughter in the first place, but he could have a son, if he was willing.

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