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For our third hardcover print edition, we’re seeking stories about what home means to you.

How do you make your home in these volatile times? How do you remember your homes of the past?Where or who makes you feel safe and stable? Home can be a person, a memory, or a place. It can feel stable or precarious. Are globalization, climate change, and gentrification pushing you out of your LGBTQ spaces, leaving you wanting for home? Has strife helped you find home in your friends and community? We want to read your stories.

We are accepting poetry, fiction and non-fiction pieces up to 2500 words, single panel illustrations and comics, photography and photo essays.

Deadline for submissions is March 5th.

We pay all of our contributors, and payment for contribution to Argot’s Print Edition is 50% more than standard Argot contributions, e.g. a $100 essay is $150, a $30 poem is $45, etc.

We are now only accepting submissions via Submittable. Please be sure to send your work through the correct form.