Interview With Joanna Chiu Of NüVoices

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We’re almost like a NGO unofficially, like a network in all these cities; we started launching in Hong Kong, Taiwan and now we’re working on developing a presence in New York. So we’re doing more than working on a book project, we’re a community where we publish original content and promote women’s work on our website as well.

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How Serosorting Perpetuates the AIDS Pandemic

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Robert Wells deftly dissects myths surrounding serosorting, the practice of people using HIV status as criteria selecting sexual partners and romantic relationships. Read more about how you can educate yourself with facts and knowledge regarding this oft misunderstood virus and the people who have it.

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Envisioning a New World: Restorative Justice in Activist Communities

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Casey Quinlan interrogates power differences and interviews activists who are building and creating new cultures where consent is emphasized and the police aren’t called to persecute rapists. These activist groups practice alternative accountability for the sexual assault victims and survivors, with varying levels of success to prevent serial predators hopping to community to community.

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America, Don't Give Me a Gun: Love, a Teacher

This is what I learned from that conversation with my students: an armed teacher in the classroom re-contextualizes that space. It destroys the relationship between teacher and student and attempts to conflate two very different occupations – teacher and officer of the state. To arm teachers in the classroom is a foolish notion at best and a death sentence at worst.

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