Book Club in the Time of Trump Returns!

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Book Club in the Time of Trump Has Returned!


Hello bookish queers and resistance readers! I want to heartily apologize for falling off the planet at the end of last year—late 2017 was a rough look for me. But after a brief hiatus, Book Club in the Time of Trump is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! And we’re going to pick up right where we left off—with Flying Couch, a graphic memoir by writer and cartoonist Amy Kurzweil, and we’ll be talking about this April.


For those who weren’t reading with us last year, now is the perfect time to join in! Book Club in the Time of Trump is Argot’s response to the United States of America’s White Nationalist political climate. I firmly believe the best way to counteract a governmental culture that preys on the masses is by striking down ignorance with the sword of truth (and I don’t mean the porous, ethereal truth-like “truth” that this positively demonic administration peddles). We’ll be reading books that deal in newsworthy topics (see our reading of The Orphan Master’s Son), books that help us figure out how to operate in this brand new hell-scape (see our reading of What We Do Now), and books that explicate some of the ways we might’ve got here (my pick for April deals with this specifically!). Basically, if I feel like it illuminates an aspect of what it means to exist during this assertion of Republican moral decline and potential totalitarianism, Imma pick it. And I hope you join me in reading.


A.E. Osworth is Geekery Editor at Autostraddle, Managing Editor at Barnard Center for Research On Women’s Scholar and Feminist Online, and Part-Time Faculty at The New School, where they teach digital storytelling. They're writing a novel about GamerGate, which is really depressing. Follow them on Twitter or on Instagram.