Hispanic Heritage Week: "Las Tortillas"

Argot is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through artwork.

“Las Tortillas” / The Tortillas  Sury Chavez

“Las Tortillas” / The Tortillas

Sury Chavez

From the artist: “In my recent visit to Guatemala, I visited a small community in the city of Retalhuleu, where a large part of the population are families, who get ahead economically with small businesses. Some sell ice, firewood, tortillas, or soft drinks. On this occasion, I took a photograph and turned it into a painting of Olga Perez. Her family makes ends meet thanks to the sale of tortillas.”

Sury Chavez is an artist living in the U.S. and influenced by Guatemalan artisanal talent. If you loved her work this week, connect on Instagram and Facebook. Sury has been featured in RAW BOSTON, hosted by my MIXX 360; on the walls of a local restaurant Cuscatlan in Chelsea, MA; her latest project was with the City of Chelsea. Keep an eye for "Welcome to Chelsea," filled with Sury’s creativity and signature.