Hispanic Heritage Week: "Los Helados"

Argot is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through artwork.

“Los Helados” / Ice Cream  Sury Chavez

“Los Helados” / Ice Cream

Sury Chavez

From the artist: “This painting is based on a photograph taken in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Selling ice cream from a cart is a very popular trade throughout Guatemala. The ice cream man passes at the same time each day, through the same streets, trying to sell all his product to support his family. His work may go unnoticed, but behind the bell with which he makes a call, hide thousands of stories.”

Sury Chavez was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Guatemala, surrounded by artisanal talent, which influenced her development for art and helped her become the artist she is today. Now she resides in Boston, MA. She is a freelance artist of many skills such as: muralist, canvas painter, chalkboard lettering, chalk design, and window art. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.