Alone Week: Happy Lonely Hearts Day!


[Image Description: A femme person sits on a green armchair against a pink background with broken hearts in the corners. They’re surrounded by chocolates in a heart shaped box, rose petals, bags of chips and cookies. A speech bubble says “Draw me like one of your French girls.”]



Inspired by my yearly routine of being single, dateless, and bored out of my mind! I've never been in a relationship, so I aways felt like I was missing out on something. After a while, I learned to take the day in stride. Instead of focusing on the fact I’m alone, I take time to take care of myself that day. Treating myself, buying my own chocolate, making fun of sappy romance movies, and checking social media for all the memes other lonely hearts have made. Valentine's day can be the day I feel the most lonely, but it's also the day I show myself some appreciation as well.

Chyna Jones. Illustrator and Multi-media artist stationed in Detroit, MI. Instagram: @fluff_punk