PHOTOS: Three Dykes by LBX Studios

LBX Studios is a Melbourne based clothing line supporting equality through fashion.

LBX Studios is a Melbourne based clothing label run by Bronte Ashworth and Lilly Macdonald. The two are close friends, who share a passion for encouraging positive global change (and good threads). LBX Studios is inclusive, representative and responsive; the queer community, gender politics and feminism can be seen throughout their first line. Using their online platform, the designers are able to fuel the label and promote equality, activism and change. Many of the garments available through the online store are hand-made in Melbourne. The pair work together out of their studio in the Melbourne CBD. LBX Studios intends to release their second line over the coming months.

Bronte Ashworth is a 23 year old Melbourne based photographer and designer. You can find them at Lbx Studios and Bronte Ashworth Photography.