Post Grad Goals

[Image Description: An illustration of a young black woman with a big curls in a graduation gown and cap holding a diploma. There is a speech bubble above her saying "Whoo I finally did it Mom!" Her diploma has written "It's still going to take six months to find a job." There are different coloured patches on her graduation gown. A spotted blue patch at the top of her gown is described as "The Blue Spot Patch: to hide your depression for picking a career path you hate to seem 'respectable.' " Over her midriff, a pink heart is labeled "The Women's Power Patch: To give your body to your future husband and no one else." A green striped patch over her left thigh is described as "The Green Left Patch: To show your first job that they don't have to pay you what you're worth (They just need someone diverse)." The final patch is a gold star along the hem next to the words "The Gold Star Patch: To show white people you're one of the 'good blacks.'"]

Sushi is an illustrator from Texas who when not working, she's working another job to feed herself. When she's not working she bakes. You can find more of her work on her Twitter and Tumblr @sushicake2020.