The Fashion Agenda: Keeping Toes Warm and on Point

The Fashion Agenda is a new column by contributor Eleadah Clack. It will publish monthly in Periodicals and Mode so you can keep up with Elle's recommendations and responses.

Banner by  Sid Champagne

Banner by Sid Champagne

Every Queer has their Boots.

To top this inaugural posting of The Fashion Agenda, and to honor these cold-ass oppressive months, we are kicking it off with the fiercest of queer footwear!

A good boot is sooo essential to survival in the winter, and can immediately elevate a non-seasonal look. If one of your friends doesn’t have one in these categories it’s time to walk the walk and talk to them, hunny.


Straps and black and brown - you know this queer gets down.

How do you know your next beaux is ready to hunt? They will sport these to let you know. Bonus points for those ready to rumble Doc Martens or anything with a spike.


An essential in the big city and nightlife.

It’s a wonder we can’t get 'em straight. These cursive, elegant shoes standout a buff from a bum. Also known as a Chelsea boot, this one gives high fashion and good times.




A casual and fashionable favorite.

No one can say no to a classic. Only the stylish need apply. Usually worn straight from work to a first date or night-time drinking establishment, I think we’ve all known and loved a chukka boot lover.


For another night out - and, you know, almost any other occasion.





We've all got a staple item in our closet. During winter months, the boot is it. Establish your juice with what’s comfortable and completes your look. Perfect for work, play, there, or anywhere.


You know the party, the people, the event. And you're there.



Give 'em rare. Give 'em fierce. Give them life!




Author's Choice

This fashion forward's favorite frosty weather footwear is a pair of classic Clark’s Desert boots.

My first pair of Clark’s were ordered from eBay. As a sophomore in college, I wanted something fashionable that would last and be flexible. A good friend of mine had the classic leather chukka so I went for something with height; the Desert Mali in suede.



They came a few days before Winter break and I wore them for more than a year before moving on. These were such a great purchase - I was still able to pass 'em forward at a second hand shop.

Clark’s win for their functionality and class. In terms of survival, these boots are as good in a Nor’easter as they are in the deserts they were made to conquer.

This winter I’m sporting another pair of the classic Clark’s-a black leather Chukka boot which I found in Nordstrom Rack for less than $100.

Pro tip: add gel insoles for extended use.

With every genderqueer look and fashion, we gays show a unique sense of what’s in style and on trend. There’s nothing like doting on a fellow femme fatale’s most fashionable Winter boot.

Where do you get your favorite footwear? Is it a guy or girl thing? Let us know in comments!


Eleadah Clack is an organizer and author of The World Without Racism. Eleadah is passionate about creating effective change and being a leader in her community. Follow her on Instagram.