Announcing Argot Print Edition No. 2


We published our first hardcover edition of Argot (lovingly referred to as 'Hargot' here on the team) a little over a year ago. We have been so delighted to work with so many wonderful writers and artists to have this dream come into fruition and we can't convey how much we're looking forward to putting together this next edition. 


Our next edition is going to be themed on Pride


Pride as anything it means to you-whether you feel inspired or frustrated by Pride, welcomed or alienated. What is Pride like where you're from? Is it radical and small, or large and corporate? Tell us about it! Draw it! Write a poem or dedication. Did you go to pride expecting community and find none, did you go and find everything you'd ever dreamed of?

Is it dangerous to have pride in your town, your country, but you and your folx do it anyway, walking through your community with deep breaths and held hands and a sense of ferociousness and righteousness? Or do you not have one at all because it's dangerous? We want stories about that, too. 


What is it like to be LGBTQIA+ where you are, and how do you celebrate it? 

Our second edition is going to come out early Summer! We are so, so excited. Deadline for first draft submissions is May 1st.


Please send contributions to or click the button below! 

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