Diary of a Preschool Teacher

Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons 

Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons 

Monday December 14

Haiku every day

Call it micro-journaling

Mental health project

Tuesday December 15

Kids’ polite lunch chat

“You walk or Uber to school?”

Covered in pesto

Wednesday December 16

I love my house but

Terrible insulation

Woke up, saw my breath

Thursday December 17

Sore throat and red-nosed

You would even say it blows

Snot. To clarify.

Friday December 18

Ten boys, one classroom

All baby testosterone

TGIF rite?

Saturday December 19

With melodrama

You know where good and bad go

Medium is hard

Sunday December 20

Regret refusal

To keep my ex’s copy

Of The Argonauts

Monday December 21

Electric kettle 

Mound of mac n cheese inside

From three days ago

Tuesday December 22

Rain makes street mirrors

Glasses are kaleidoscope

Soaked in reflections

Thursday December 24

Skipped a haiku day

Malaise at work, even home

Binge watched TV


Pushed reset button

Clean sheets, floors, all the to-dos

Bernal’s green again

Friday December 25

Airport line endless

Need a Christmas miracle

Why TSA why

Saturday December 26

Too much time to think

Love, career, past, and future

Answered with letters

Sunday December 27

My family says

I’ve lost some weight and also

I chew like a cow

Monday December 28

Trivia with sis

Competitive side awake

Wow I love winning

Tuesday December 29

Last day in Dallas

Cycled through same arguments

Try again next year

Wednesday December 30

Stuck on the F train 

Mulling but rewarded with

Relief, reunion

Thursday December 31

Brooklyn without snow

Still hibernate in basement

Got what I wanted

Friday January 1

Subway above ground

Cemetery lit with blue

Year’s first morning light

Saturday January 2

Galleries unfound

Instead gossip and friendship

And too much dairy

Sunday January 3

1 pm breakfast

Eucalyptus steam, hot meat

Help bliss the fuck out

Monday January 4

Found home in Whole Foods

Sneaking dessert, cozy with

Holiday boyfriend

Tuesday January 5

Travel 9 hours

To rain, green, too much quiet

Life begins again

Wednesday January 6

Faintly glum, suspect

Oxytocin overdose

Romance hangover

Thursday January 7

Goal achieved but was

The dance class ugly duckling

Gotta suck to grow

Friday January 8

Kids spit, kick, punch, scream

Got so mad I left the room

Scare tactic half worked

Saturday January 9

Intimacy costs 

Comfort, efficiency, time

Am I ready now?

Sunday January 10

Dating apps back on

So bleak, but new fav label:


Monday January 11

Things I can’t help with:

“I got poop on my penis.”

Kids have Mondays too

Tuesday January 12

Kid yells, “Japanese!”

Tell him try hooray instead

Thank god he listens

Wednesday January 13

Snack: gluten-free bread

And sunflower seed butter

Plan B: EpiPen

Thursday January 14

Kid whips penis out

Pee flying in 360

Punishment: smell it

Friday January 15

Bad start, got better

Kombucha, sun, and fun but

Free drinks make big mess

Saturday January 16

Collect last night's tales

Woke up cuddling speakers, what?

Good thing friends like me

Sunday January 17

Lazy perfection

Dim sum, sauna, group Tinder

All the best comforts

Monday January 18

Working holiday

Donuts won't stop the bitching

Hope earned good karma

Tuesday January 19

Gayest shit ever:

Girl who never texted back

In my Vogue & Tone class

Wednesday January 20

Biter on rampage 

Used class knife instead of teeth 

I need a new job

Friday January 22

Good day actually

Led such a well-behaved class 

Then came home to friends

Sunday January 24

Sun brings nostalgia

Return to pier and warehouse

Cold beach, new crushes

Tuesday January 26

Home from work, happy

To see pink streaks still line sky

Winter is leaving

Sunday January 31

Decadent weekend

Cuddles under winter sun

Young, carefree, SINGLE

Tuesday March 1

Read Montessori

Finding growth in how-to guide

She’s a little nuts

Friday March 4

Shouldn’t feel this down

Ultimate first world problem

My bed is too big

Sunday March 6

Rain rain rain rain rain

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain 

Rain rain go away

Monday March 7

Two boys best of friends

Wear beige rugs as dresses, shout, 

“We’re getting married!” 

Tuesday March 8

Maybe there’s no rut

Just cycles of rain and sun

With slow climate change

Wednesday March 9

Biking down Folsom

Canopy of new lime leaves

Awash in drizzle

Saturday March 12

Scheming to get out

Great American road trip

See vans on Craigslist

Tuesday March 15

Sick, but the sun’s out

Spring bloom fickle as ever

Is it summer yet?



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