Soph Bonde/Argot Magazine

Soph Bonde/Argot Magazine


These gods are young
and have not yet lived
through the consequences
of their destruction,

so they eradicate truths with murmurs,
flatten civilizations with their footsteps.

Who was it that armed these gods
with their invulnerability?

Who gave these gods power?
Who will take it away?


Nothing exists in a vacuum,
Least of all that pale shade of pink
Perched at the corner of her mouth.

The color recalls grapefruit,
Freshly picked from new heights
Provided by the roof of her neighbor’s house.

How many hours did we stay there?

Lying on the shingles still warm with afternoon heat,
Trying to pick out the few stars in the sky
That escaped the harsh glare
Of driveway lights turning themselves on at dusk.

Tiffany Babb is a mixed-race, bisexual poet currently based in New York.