Announcing the Voices of Pride: Contributors to Hargot No.2

Hargot cover, Argot's print edition no.2. Artwork by: Mills Brown  [Image description: wildflowers against a large leaf and a blank background]

Hargot cover, Argot's print edition no.2. Artwork by: Mills Brown

[Image description: wildflowers against a large leaf and a blank background]

At Argot, your voice excites us! We consider and deliberate all the pitches and drafts sent to us. The Editors had to make decisions regarding which pieces to include in Hargot up until the very end of publication. We bring you the names and bios of the writers, poets, and artists that are published in Hargot, no.2. We hope that you purchase a copy at our DC fundraiser this June 3rd, 2018, so you can dive into its pages, the fruit of our labor.



A.E. Osworth

is Part-Time Faculty at The New School, where they teach digital storytelling, and is Managing Editor of Scholar and Feminist Online, published by Barnard College. They spent half a decade as Geekery Editor for Autostraddle and their work has also appeared on Argot Magazine, the Ms. Magazine Blog and The Rumpus. Catch up with them on their website,, or on Twitter. Hargot credit: "Pride and Precision"

Allison Punch

is a writer, reader and Michigander living in Washington DC. She received the Deacon Maccubin Young Writers Award at The DC Center’s OutWrite Book Festival in 2016. She works in philanthropy and serves on the Executive Committee of the Women’s Information Network. A graduate of University of Michigan, you can find Allison sharing her literary life on Instagram. Hargot credit: “Examining My Privilege Two Years After Pulse”

Amogha Lakshmi

is a writer from India. She wrote for the Times of India as a student correspondent and her poetry has appeared in This magazine, Thistle magazine and the Rising Phoenix Review. She is currently an art editor at The Missing Slate. Hargot credit: “Bangalore Pride Photos & Essay”

B. Andal

is an Indian- American queer woman who calls both D.C. and Minneapolis home. Trauma therapist by day. Reader, writer and animal lover by night. She has no doubt in her heart that one can use a story to heal, inspire and resist. Hargot credit: “Unseen”

Dena Rod

is an Iranian American writer, editor, and poet. They're a graduate of San Francisco State University, where they received a Master’s Degree in English Literature. Find more of their work in CCSF’s Forum Literary Magazine, Endangered Species, Enduring Values: An Anthology of San Francisco Area Writers and Artists of Color, Argot Magazine, and the upcoming anthology Iran Musings: Stories and Memories from the Iranian Diaspora (2019). Hargot credit: “Exiled in Pride”

Jamal Rashad

is a DC born and based writer, massage therapist, and poet. A founding member of the art collective, the Corner Collective, Jamal is a Black, a Queer, an optimist when careful. His work has been featured on, the Moonsalt chapbook (a queer anthology), and Against Equality. Jamal is working as a fiction editor for African VoicesMagazine and pursuing a license in massage therapy. Hargot credit: “12 Ways of Looking at a Nightbird”

Katrina Jagelski

is a trans writer, filmmaker, and activist.  Lately, she's been getting a lot of mileage writing about her high school bully so shhh, don’t tell him. You can find more from her at her short story and poetry blog. Hargot credit: “A Trans Love Poem”

Kyle Lopez

is a queer, Black Cuban-American writer from Montclair, NJ, and an incoming poetry student of NYU’s MFA program. His writing has appeared in AfropunkGUM Magazine, and elsewhere. Follow him on Instagram for more poems & fashunz. Hargot credit: “Pride Month”

Mark Aghatise

is a fashion photographer and art director, currently Photo Editor @ Interview Magazine. A new york based artist (by way of London). Visit their website. Hargot credit: “Womyn” photograph series

Nino Porter-Lupu

is a writer and translator who has plied their trade in countries around the world. A long-time professional foreigner, Nino is not from there, but they probably speak the language. They currently live, for their sins, in Chicago, and their hobbies include knife-throwing and screaming-at-god. Hargot credit: “Language of Flowers”


is a queer gender non-binary indigenous/mixed child currently based out of Oakland. Since 2008 they’ve been weaponizing art/literature through unwavering themes of anarchist critique and creating radical forms of community in order to subvert and wage war with the American capitalist machine from every facet of our daily lives. Hargot credit: 3 poems and artwork

Vernon Keeve III

is a Virginia born writer that California molded into an educator. He lives and teaches in Oakland. His purpose is to teach the next generation the importance of relaying their personal narratives, sharing their experiences, and taking control of their destinies. He holds a MFA from California College of the Arts and a Masters in Teaching Literature from Bard College. Hargot credit: “To The Men Who Danced In The Darkest of Rooms”

V.F. Thompson

is a Mid Michigan-based writer of odd curiosities and curious oddities. Though she lives mostly in the realm of fantasy, she occasionally dabbles in real life. When not writing, she enjoys comic books, trying new recipes, and a well-brewed cup of Earl Grey. She currently resides in Kalamazoo, which she assures you is a real place. Follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Hargot credit: “It’s a Kind of Magic”