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           Claudia Rojas,   Intern to the Editor

         Claudia Rojas, Intern to the Editor

Claudia Rojas has a Bachelor's in English from George Mason University. She began writing poems in high school and hasn't stopped since. Claudia has previously served as poetry & prose reader and editorial intern for Stillhouse Press in Virginia. At Stillhouse, she played a reviewer role in the production of Carmen Gillespie's The Ghosts of Monticello. Claudia is also a teaching artist, bringing social empowerment to youth through poetry. She believes we all need spaces to be heard and is thrilled Argot provides one of those spaces.

              Helena Bonde,   Editor in Chief

            Helena Bonde, Editor in Chief

Helena Bonde has been writing her whole life, from a journaling pre-teen to her current work on her second Masters in children's literarute. She's worked as an editor for numerous online and print publications, and has edited more papers than you'd care to know. 


              Soph Bonde,   Executive Director

            Soph Bonde, Executive Director

Soph Bonde is a native Washingtonian (DC) who lives in the city. She is also freelance photo editor and photographer. Soph previously worked in development at the Smithsonian Institution where she learned the basics of fundraising and non-profit work. She enjoys macaroni and cheese and lives her life dedicated between Argot and her 100lbs Alaskan Malamute.

               Dena Rod, Managing Editor

             Dena Rod, Managing Editor

Dena Rod is a writer born in the Bay Area to parents displaced from Iran. Dena and their wife lived in San Francisco until recently displaced across the bay. Dena enjoys long city walks in search of street art, community connections, and dogs to pet. A graduate of San Francisco State University, they have a Master’s Degree in English Literature. They are currently the managing editor at Argot Literary Magazine. You can find more of their work in CCSF’s Forum Literary Magazine and the upcoming anthology Iran Musings and Endangered Species of San Francisco.

       Nino Porter-Lupu,   International Editor

     Nino Porter-Lupu, International Editor

Nino Porter-Lupu is not from there, but they probably speak the language. An immigrant and long-time professional foreigner, they have edited, translated, and written in countries around the world - everything from surrealist poetry to medical records and witness statements.